hi to all my friends, hope you are all doing well.                i havent had adrink for 6 weeks today, its no thanks to antabuse, well maybe it is [ my last drink was when i was on them and i really wasnt well, i prayed to God that night, i really needed His help to stop me from drinking ] that was in the early hours of a monday morning, and by the tuesday went to my first real AA meeting,[ went to 2 last year ]  i feel as tho i have been given a second chance [i stopped for 4 months 2 years ago , after 2 months of trying to stop, what i believe now, an angel came to me in a dream and said everything was going to be ok now ]] and i am not going to blow it this time, i stop and think every now and then...........i am so gratefull that the craving has gone, God MUST have helped me!!!! i will not take it for granted.