Ok, so starting on cycle day 10 we were supposed to know what I mean, every other day so we didn't miss the ovulation day.  I'm on day 12 and haven't done anything so far.  We skipped Monday due to the after effects of my dr appt, but yesterday my husband fell asleep on the couch before 8:30pm!!!  WTH!!!  Now tonight his brother is coming in since he's staying with us for Thanksgiving, which isn't a big deal, but they're going out tonight and who knows when they'll get home.  So now it's looking like tonight's out too.  Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!  I'm ready to give up this cycle and it may be the last one where I could find out whether we got pregnant or not before Christmas.  This is getting really frustrating :(  I just wish my husband would take this as seriously, but sometimes I feel like he doesn't even care.  Guess I'll just have to play it by ear and hope for the best.


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Ok, take a deep breath. Relax.
You can either take the go ahead signals and create the excite moment or not. I know of one woman who woke her hubby up in the early morning hours for their activity and it was successful. Another woman finally stopped looking at the calendar and was successful when she got her husband\'s attention with a change in her actions. It is supposed to be fun, exciting, and comfortable, not serious. Think about what you enjoy about the moments you share and go for those! Hope this helps you to feel better! Nope, don\'t play it by ear and hope for the best, aim for the best for yourself!

I really really wish I didn\'t actually have to TRY and get pregnant, but unfortunately I kind of have to. You see, I\'m not at all a fan of sex. Sorry about the tmi, but I really don\'t like it and usually avoid it like the plague. Trying makes me have no choice (plus my husband gets more action than usual so that\'s good for him). I have to feel like I have some control (which is just an illusion of course), but temping and baby dancing in the time frame at least make me feel like I\'m doing something to increase my chances. It sucks because I seem to have irregular cycles, so that doesn\'t help any. I\'ve been way better lately with the not stressing over ttc since I\'ve been directing a lot of my attention to the trich, which helped me in both respects. I\'m just a little annoyed with him at the moment. I greatly appreciate the advice and encouragement, and you listening to me vent :)