Today I went to a new rheumatologist and was very hoepful. I had tested positive for one rheumatoid arthritis test.  After a very thorough and good visit with the Dr, who I feel knew what he was doing (the last one didnt), he told me that my fibro is severe and basically I shouldnt be doing anything right now. No housework, cooking, exercise other than water, etc.  Of course he and I both know how unrealistic this is for a wife and mom of 3 who also babysits part time as a job.  He is running more tests, including for the arthritis, and we discussed meds.  I took cymbalta 3 years ago when I was first diagnosed and hated it. Also tried Lyrica and felt nothing but tiredness.  I am on Effexor and Motrin currently.  I am so tired of how I feel and hopelessness of it.  I am open to trying a new Rx and am starting a water therapy class next week.  I will also know more when the Dr gets the new tests back and we can decide on meds.  I just need advice and support.  My husband tries to be as supportive as possible, but there is no way for him to understand.  One of my biggest problems w/ how I feel is the lack of sleep I get almost every night.  The Dr also said this is a huge factor of how I am feeling right now.  Any info or support would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!