Have not written for a long time. Things are going exceptionally well for me these days with Gregg. My love life is sensational and I feel like a loved princess.
Settlement (financial) with mark is still ongoing, but we are at the paperwork end, and fingers crossed it does not hit any snags so it should be done hopefully within a month or so.  You never know with lawyers though, nor with Mark who still is erratic.
He still wants to remarry me , and whilst sometimes I think he has settled somewhat with his current (better than no one - in his own terms) beau, melissa, other times he is just as bad as ever.
He continues to control me with money, as what allows me to live is him putting money into my account each week as support. He has been good to continue this for so long whilst we sort out finances, but he too often cuts me off and holds me to ransom. He cuts me off, I have to beg for the money back, suck up to him and tell him how great he is.  It is absolute crap and I hate it but there is no other way for me to earn enough money to support my mortgage and this house as well as day to day living.  In our settlement, he takes over the mortgage and pays me a large sum of money over 5 years.  If I manage my money well, I will not need to work, but will more than likely just do a few hours of something per week for a little pocket money and to keep my brain entertained. At present, I volunteer 8 hours per week at a public hospital which is a nice thing to  do.
I have come a very long way from when I first joined and I am very proud of myself. I went through hell and came out the other side with no drugs, and only a few scars which I have learnt to manage.



I\'m so happy that things are working out for you! Best of luck to you with the financial settlement. Hugs!!!