Arm slightly better, but still very sore. Had a bad day with it yesterday. Went out with the rowing coach in the tinny to watch the others train. It was a good experience and kept me in touch with the team. I will do that a bit if I can.I am not too optimistic re returning, but am training as though i will. My right biceps has wasted heaps already.Mark is being a bastard again. Sent a message to his solicitor that i sold the house in Townsville without his ok and that he was going to move back into it.  A blatant lie. We had the house on the market for a year, even before we started the process of  seeing solicitors.  I phoned him while he was away in Canada to get his ok, and he gave it to me. He came home 3 days later and did not object then.  The only thing he objected to was leaving his wine fridge in the house as part of the sale.He helped our daughter move out even. Then he also said to his solicitor that he did not get an even split of the furniture and stuff in that house. I had written a list earlier for  valuation purposes so today i did the sums of who got what, and you know, he got $20,000 more value than I did. Whats more, he got all the original art work that does not depreciate at the rate furniture does which was all i got.  I sent the list off to my solicitor who in turn will send it to Marks. Bit himself in the foot there, for i was not going to squabble about the division of stuff in the house, but now i am.He upset me so much again with that lie about the sale of the house.  So much.  A complete and utter lie. He said that he would move in if it did not sell. But then later he said he would not be able to move in as he had a lease on his new place for a year, and then because of the family memories.   Then he tells his solicitor a lie.I am used to covering for him when he lies to get out of situations with others. I dont like being on the receiving end. He is a bully.It all came about because we asked for a written undertaking from him that he not buy or sell any of our assets until we reach a settlement.  He has been hassling me for about 2 weeks to let him buy some more property. I have said no. IN one breath he wants to buy and in the next he is telling me we have no money in the bank. When i tell him this he just gets angry with me and tells me i stop him doing things.A lunatic. When i sat crying  yesterday, i thought tomyself that i had been doing that for 3 years now.  Too long. Whether i like it or not, i have to pursue a divorce to get the thing with him settled so that he has no control over me financially.  That will be a start in moving forward.At least he is not trying to get back with me for the last 2 days. For yesterday i told him I would get  a court order against him if he kept upsetting me with his lies.He is off overseas again on a conference tomorrow. 2 weeks of peace again. That is good.