It seems I take one small step forwards and then two large steps backwards.Yesterday was a crap day. I had an ok day myself except that the woman with the offer on the house is obviously not genuine. I went for a long bike ride and started a diet to lose a few kilos that have crept on. Only 3 or so, but I dont like my clothes tight. Stress keeps it off usually but I find just this low grade stress makes me eat. Severe stress stops me eating.Anyway, turns out we lost out on the pizza hut block of land that Mark had his heart set on buying and building on. I am not fazed by that as we would have been stretching ourselves financially to do it and in our current marital status that would have been unwise. I am ok with it. The thing is, is that the agent that Mark was dealing with did the dirty on him by telling him that he had until Monday to decide whether or not to go up another 50,000 in his offer for tender. Meantime, while Mark left it until MOnday to get back to him, the agent sold it to another bidder. That made Mark absolutely ropable and feral in his mood. He was angry all day and even when I phoned the office the girls were treading on egg shells. He phoned me at about 4.30 in the end and I was wondering where he was as he had told me he was moving back home today. When I questioned him he said he had lots of things to do today..... the usual. Non committal. I left it at that and he went for a paddle and then came here for a shower in a foul mood still.We spoke about the deal and how I had also rung the agent in support of Mark as I felt the agent had been dishonest. I had supported Mark as I should. I cooked a nice dinner and he sat and ate that, but then began to pace the house. He paced and paced. He said he felt like going in and punching the agent in the face but had to ask me whether that was a good thing to do or not....Our daughter came home and she would not speak to him or answer his questions which made him even angrier. I told him he could not just pick up where he left off as she has some serious issues that need addressing so he should address them. She said a few things to him but most indicated that she would never trust him again. And she is 20 and she is still young and entitled to her stance. We taught her to expect better from people. She is stubborn and she will not back down willingly. She is best left to her own devices and with time she will weaken. As she watches him become the honorable man she expects her father to be, she will weaken, but he actually has to hold up his end of the bargain and actually be that honorable man!He got the shits and started telling her he would not pay for things etc etc which of course just inflames the situation. I tried to step in but I also got yelled at for lecturing him and interfering in his discussions with her. He was rude to me in front of her - another nail in his coffin, as they are most hurt about what he has done to me and how he has treated me, so to witness more of the same is ridiculous. I really dont know why he cant see that. Ok, he is a male and they have reduced capacity, but he is so stupid it is ridiculous!In the end, I asked him to leave. He got angry and screamed off in his car in the end and would not take my calls. If he could step outside of his mood yesterday, he would see it was caused by the deal gone wrong and that made everything else horrible. It was like a domino effect. He should have just sat and chilled and relaxed and talked through the deal and not even tried with our daughter yesterday. Two weeks ago, when his car was in the driveway, she would not come inside the house. One week ago, she would take her meal into her room. last night, she actually sat and ate it at the table in the same room as him. Admittedly not talking to him, but she stayed in the room. that was a big step for her. She is stubborn and young. She will not back down willingly and if you tell her to she will do the opposite. That is her nature. But if you ignore her and let her make her own observations and let her gradually come back at her own rate, and not tell her 'see I told you that you would eventually have me back", then she will be fine. I know her. She does not like to be wrong. leave her and she will come around at her own pace.So, the step backwards. I drove around to his house to see whether he had asked slut over as that is what he usually does and I rang his bell. She was not there and he just continued his nastiness to me telling me he perhaps could not get over her again. When I said I would go and have no contact with him, he agreed so I turned and went to go but he always stopped me. I looked at him on the couch and I thought how much I hated who he has become and how he acts now. In all truth, that is what i felt when he sat there and again told me that he could not get over it.For the last month he has been telling me he wants to come home. He has let me cook for him, sleep with him, help him in decision and finances and in general care of him. Like a wife. And yet he still sits on the fence. He knows that if he comes home and slut finds out that he is home, then that will be it for her. He has said that in the past. I can see that is what is stopping him move home and I am not going to put up with that anymore. I cannot chase or pursue a man who is not keen on everything about me. He likes the caring and the cooking and the person to screw, and to help talk to his kids and other friends, but not the fact that I am not young, nor whatever fuckface is. It is disgusting. My best gift to him is to make him go with her and see just how great it is building a new life with someone who does not trust him from the start,nor know of his irrational behavior or anger.I am not going to call him today. He sent me a text a while ago, telling me that he cut a tear duct in an operation today and that is because he is unstable because of yesterday. It really has to stop he says. I wonder who exactly can make it stop???? Is it my fault he chooses to sit on the fence and wants the best of everything?????