I'm pretty much over the worst of the cold and am feeling much better then I was.  Boy that sure was a wicked awful bug and knocked me right out but I bounced back fighting.  I've been making progress more the last few days then I had in the week prior to getting sick.  I like progress.  My lungs are still in recovery mode though...they were extra tired tonight.  All that coughing and wheezing to clear out the secretions from the cold.  Thankfully it's all clear and no longer yellow so that's a good sign.  I have been taking my inhalers which I hadn't needed in a long time.  The only problem is I noticed the ventolin is expired and I have to see a doctor to get a new prescription for it.  My flovent is still good for a couple more months though.  My only other issue with the cold is it messed my sleep cycle up again so I'm on a bit of an extra wonky schedule.  I'll get it back to pre-cold status in a few days if I stop being so stubborn and staying up.  LOL.  *sigh*
Just winding down now...at 2:30am.  Finishing a protein shake so I can go to bed without feeling like my stomach is going to eat itself.  I don't know why I always feel so hungry as soon as I lay down but I do.  Weird. 
Oh...I don't know...the whole fissure thing...well...my system has been so messed up.  I'm guessing it's not uncommon for a virus to do that but I'm back to being a bit backed up and constipated and it seems to have undone the progress that was being made in the healing of the fissures.  Starting to get quite a bit more sore and itchy then has been in awhile.  :(  Not impressed.  I've been treating since October and getting no where. They're not as bad as they had been...which is great...but still...they need to get better. 
Anyhow...Gratitude time:
1. Grateful for my Mom...was so wonderful to be able to see her, especially since it was mothers day. 
2. Grateful for having a desire to learn.  I personally think it's a great quality.
3. Grateful for the sound of traffic traveling on a wet road...the sound kinda makes me think of the ocean and it's relaxing.



I find the juice of a fresh lemon in lemonade helps with the ba ck up issue. Drink as often as you need till you get regular.

thanks, am already drinking lots of fresh lemon water every day though.... I\'ve even increased in the last couple days from half a lemon to a whole lemon... it used to work great when I first started with the lemon water...since I got the cold it doesn\'t seem to make much difference...hopefully my body will get back on track soon :)