Great day...went to a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for much fun.  The worst part though is since I am not eating wheat or dairy I had to bring my own wheat free spaghetti and couldn't enjoy the garlic bread, which smelled delicious, or most of the desserts...which looked amazing.  Ah well.  For a great cause and with so many of my friends that I've met through the cat rescue community. 
The star of the night though, was a lovely kitty, named Kitty Kitty who has a horror story past and wasn't expected to live.  Well she did live and is doing well despite brain damage and seizures.  Oh, she is the sweetest most loveable kitty laid back, docile, cuddly....she's very special.  She was adopted by one of my friends about 4 years ago...initially it was suppose to be a one night foster and they thought she'd have to be put down...but she did well and so one night became two nights, then three nights, etc and the rest is history.  :)  I love happy endings.  She now goes to some of the events and has her story told and helps all the people who have the privilege of meeting her.  :)
As far as my yeast issues go... I'd say 80-90+% healed.  Not 100% but almost.  Why could my doctor not have prescribed the nystatin and hydrocortisone right from the start...would've been so much easier.  The fissure and hard BM is now the bigger hopefully will figure out something for that soon.   
Well, it's late and I should be sleeping so I'll do up my gratitude part and then get to bed.
1. Grateful for the cat rescue community and all the wonderful things that are done for both the kitties and the people involved.  I couldn't have met a better group of people if I was trying.  Yeah, it has it's "catty" moments but well...ya take the bad with the good I guess
2.  Grateful for dirty dishes (and the ability to wash them)... I read something tonight that was really cute and put in perspective some things.  If we have dirty dishes to wash it means we've had food to eat...there are many who don't have food...or even dishes to dirty
3.  Grateful for heated car was cold tonight and it sure felt nice to sit on a heated seat on the way home



Sounds like lots of fun. I am gluten free for 9 months now.Events are difficult but as you learn to plan it gets better. Try making flourless chocolate cake recipe found online...amazing!

it\'s definitely a challenge...but I\'m learning and enjoying trying new foods and replacements... mmmm chocolate cake sounds great... I\'m trying to not eat many sweets right now but this weekend coming I\'m making an exception :)