Been awhile again since I wrote.  I don't have internet access on my computer and so when I'm home am only using my roommates computer.  I don't really like spending too much time on it so I keep forgetting to update here.
Things are  Moving again in less then 2 weeks.  I'll still have the same roommate and her daughter and son-in-law and their 3 girls and 2 dogs will be living upstairs.  Okay, actually they are renting a house and my roommate and I are renting the basement apartment from them.  We're all going to be moving in together.  It shall be interesting.
My emotions are all over the place but I've been in good hands and have had some great support.  I think even though the move will result in A Lot of changes it'll be mostly positive.  The building I am in now is not really very good.  And the landlord is awful.  I had a huge panic attack last week after an unexpected phone call from him...and everyone says how awful he is.  So now I'm having major anxiety with leaving the apartment, answering the phone, and every time someone comes to the door.  I'm constantly on edge.  I'm  also fighting some sort of bug or infection and it's time of the started early.  Go figure.
So more changes in store.  I have a lot of conflicting emotions...but am trying to walk in the Truth and talk to people who speak Truth and Light over me...people who are further in their journey with the Lord.  It's good these people that I'll be living with are...and they are still inviting me to live with them.
They adopted a second doggy today.  They already have a dog...a 7 lb Chiauaua Shih Tzu mix...named Oscar.  He's adorable but a yappy little bugger.  This new pup is a 5 month old Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix)...oh my word...she is ADORABLE.  I met her tonight.  Told them she may go  She is so sweet.  I'm looking forward to beautiful fall days to walk her.  Her name is Jill but I don't know if they'll change her name or not.  She's not potty trained yet...but I think after we move we'll be able to work on that.
Anyway, it is late and I am trying to finish up a few things before I go to bed.  My sleep is completely messed up but trying to get it back on track somewhat.  Nights have been a little rough and I imagine they will be until after moving again.  Then it'll probably go well for awhile and then there will be issues again.  That seems to be the pattern.  New environment, improved sleep.  Once the environment isn't so new it kinda goes outta whack again.  Maybe my future has a lot of hotel travel in it's future...haha...I could live with that...well...somewhat....for a season anyway.