I'm moved in and been here for awhile now and I like it.  After that first night I still had to do a lot at my old apartment and so spent the remaining nights there and then a few nights at my parents before moving here officially.  Let me tell you...I LOVE it!  It's not quite home yet...but I am very comfortable and feel more at home here then I ever did in the last few years.  In fact, only a few days after I moved in here I went by my old apartment and didn't even feel like I ever lived there.  So weird.  I lived there 2 years!  Going by I don't feel like that was ever home.
Since I've moved I've also been sleeping a whole ton better and have been completely off of my sleep meds and no longer using ear plugs.  I sleep pretty good...not 100% yet but probably 80+%.  I'm so thankful.  God is so good!
I've officially lived here less then 2 weeks and it's been eventful.  I barely moved in and had to dog sit.  My new roommate was kind enough to let the dog come here (it belongs to her daughter)...so it was my roommate and I, her 2 cats, and 1 very hyper little (7 pounds) dog!  The cats were not so impressed.  I love the dog but was so glad when the 4 days/nights were over.  I took him to my sisters one day to play with the BIG dogs (one a husky pitbull mix and the other a german shepard mix).  This little dog...he doesn't know he's a little dog...and he plays amazing with the big dogs (not so well with little dogs...he flips out).  My sisters dogs did amazing with him too....was so impressed.  All the dogs slept peacefully that night.  LOL.
After the dog was gone I was finally able to relax and start enjoying the new place.  It's not taking me long to adjust at all and I'm loving it for the most part.  There's a few little issues but no deal breakers and I actually think it was probably the absolute best move I could've made.  Guess my Father knew that...hence why this door didn't close while all the others did.  :D
Having said that though...this really isn't the safest area...but I feel completely safe.  I know God has kept me safe through so many things that *should've* killed me that I know He'll keep me safe here too.  Doesn't mean there won't be challenges.
One of my first nights here the house next door to us got broken into and I was home alone (and during a thunderstorm of course) at night when there was a knock at the door.  I looked out the peep hole (not even used to having one to look through) and there is a police officer.  Uhmm.  Yeah.  Anyway...he just wanted to ask questions to see if I noticed anything unusual next door (our windows overlook the house)...I was like...I just moved in here from the city EVERYTHING is unusual to me.  Anyway...that didn't really bother me except that I feel awful for my neighbors next door.  It feels so awful having your place broken into. 
Then today I was rearranging my room and I hear all these loud shouts.  I look out and there's a crap load of men and vehicles in our parking lot...2 men had their arms on the roof of their car and were getting searched.  There was at least 7 under cover officers and 5 under cover vehicles!  Nothing too exciting ended up happening but sure was interesting for a bit.  And yet I don't feel unsafe in the slightest.  Is that odd? 
I feel completely at peace here, God's presence is in our apartment so strong despite all the crime around us.  I am just blown away by it.  So I've been officially living here less then 2 weeks and I'm happy to call it home.  I love my roommate, I love the kitties, I love the  neighborhood, I love it all! 



I am so happy or you! Nothing could please me more than to hear that you are sleeping so well! God is good and He is loving you...enjoy the adventure!

When God sets his angels around us we experience his peace which no one can really understand.
You are a brave girl for making your move as a leap in faith (not for the living in the neighbourhood!) I am proud of you. It is so good to hear you are sleeping well and that the arrangements are also well. take care. love and hugs