Guess it's been a few days since I've stopped by here to write an entry.  This past week has been "March Break" (Spring Break) and we've been having the most gorgeous weather imagineable.  It's hard to believe it's only March....until after supper when the temperature drops for the night. 
Yesterday I was out with just capris and a 3/4 length sleeve jacket.  And after an appointment I spent some time exploring a cemetery and found a geocache.  Such a beautiful spot.  Cemeteries are pretty special places and it just felt serene or peaceful almost to be walking through and reading the headstones.  There are people in that graveyard that perished in the Halifax Explosion and also from the Titanic.  Was a neat little walk through time. It's hard to explain the feelings and emotions felt but it was really touching.  I tried to respect all the graveyard rules but in order to see some of the headstones and memorials I did have to walk on "the grass" (gravesites)....which is one of their rules of respect.  But I felt I was still being respectful while learning more about some of the past.  I snapped some pictures with my Blackberry....and with a disposable camera I had on hand.  It just felt really nice.
Wednesday I went out with a friend and did some shopping...spent more money then I should've but it was such great prices....and walked a lot outdoors enjoying the weather.
Thursday I went to an appointment and then met up with Mom afterwards.  We had a little treat while waiting for my prescription to be filled and then went back to my place were she helped me with some cleaning and then we went for a walk around the area.  I met a cute little 4 month old Boston Terrior.  Was so bouncing all over me.  He was interesting because instead of the traditional black and white this one was brindle (black and brown) coloring with the white.
Going out tonight.  An old friend of the family's that I grew up with at my parents church invited me out to her church tonight.  I'm a little anxious but I feel like I'm suppose to go.  It's not a traditional church at all's sounds like it could be a bit crazy...but I feel like I'm suppose to go.  And I researched it and it does look biblically sound.  It shouldn't be much crazier then the church I grew up in anyway.  LOL.  I kind of tend to like more of a mix of traditional and modern not all one way or the other but I'm going to go.  We'll see how it goes.



Sounds like a beautiful way to spend your Spring Break! Hope you had a good church experience.