Eeeppss...I'm soooooo itchy.  I'm not sure...maybe from the workouts...and being so warm and sweaty...sounds gross I know...but well...I am itchy from head to toe. Or because our apartment is just insanely hot anyway.  Mom and Dad insisted on having the window open most of the day.  Mom and Dad came to visit today and mom helped me get groceries...well...mostly just by giving me a ride there and back plus she did her grocery shopping too.  I had a giftcard from Christmas from one of my aunts that covered most of my order so that was wonderful. Anyway, not too much else to say.  I'm debating between taking benedryl and going to bed to get relief from the itchyness or to stay up a little longer and maybe put the hydrocortisone cream on.  Or maybe a little of both...I dunno.  Haven't made up my mind yet.