Good news.  Today was an overall good day.  :) I got a letter from the Hematology clinic and I've got an appointment for December 11 of this I'm happy...considering the last letter said they would "try" to see in about 12 months but my doctor put pressure on them to see me sooner.  Guess that's good because my doctors office called and wants me back in a few weeks...guessing to go over yesterdays bloodwork.   Didn't get to go volunteer today.  I was overly tired and irritable and was drinking my coffee hoping to perk up and next thing I knew a few hours passed....I had fallen asleep.  I figure I probably needed it, considering I was so tired yesterday and on top of that had the flu shot so tomorrow I hope to volunteer.   Was told a couple nights ago that my computer was doen being repaired so went to pick it up tonight and got the runaround.  First they couldn't find it, then they found the paperwork but not the computer, so they "think" it's been sent to the repair shop and not at their shop....urgghhh....the only reason I am dealing with them in the first place is because it's under I'm kind of not impressed.  Supposedly they'll call in the next few days and let me know what's going on.  In the meantime...I'm secretly kinda hoping they do lose it because then they'd have to replace it with a new one.  Haha, I'm dreaming though.  I know they'll likely find it eventually. Anyway, because mom took me to go get the computer which I didn't end up getting I got to go out to supper for my brother-in-laws birthday to a restraunt called Moxie's.  It was really good...a little more then I'd normally pay but worth it.  It was like being on vacation.  It felt great to be out for something other then an appointment. So despite things not going how I was expecting it worked out alright anyway and I'm feeling better then I have in awhile this late in the evening.    



I am so glad you have a aHema tology appt in December. I have been praying, worried that they were taking way too long to see you. I know medicine is different in Canada but some things just can\'t wait and having a low WBC and not knowing why is one of them. I\'m hoping and praying it is nothing, but you do need to find out.
Love ya girl,