still doing really well...decided to try to catch up a bit on everyone else's journals instead of writing one of my own.  So just checking in to say hi.  Everything is going well.  But after I had my last bloodwork done my doctors office called and said I needed to come back in.  My appointment is tomorrow so will find out what that's about.  Not sure if I mentioned in a previous entry that my glasses broke...the frame of them....and since the warranty ran out a couple years ago I had to go order new glasses.  My insurance covered some but it still cost me over $200.  I hope to have them by the end of this week.  Then, after that I lost my cell phone charger so have been keeping my phone turned off.  I did find out where it is but will have to wait to get it back.  In the meantime I'm using a spare phone my parents had at their house.  Just had to switch the SIM card.  So at least I have a temp option.  I have a big meeting on Friday with my disability insurance provider, my occupational therapist, my psychologist, and my psychiatrist.  Accckkkk.  Scary.  But hopefully everything will go well.  One other thing is I'm planning to volunteer at one of the Salvation Army thrift stores around here.  I'm just waiting to hear from a couple people about being my references and then I'll be able to take my application in.  Probably will do that this Thursday.  I would go tomorrow afternoon but depending on what time it's their Happy Hour (busy time since clothes are all 1/2 price).  Well, gotta go.  You got a bit more of an update then I thought I'd get to write.  I'm starving and I need to wind down for bed.  Have an early appointment...and don't want to mess up my good sleep schedule I've had going lately.