It was a bit of a slow start today even though I originally woke up early.  Well, before my alarm anyway.  I got up, posted some things on kijiji (similar to craigslist) for my dad and then had breakfast.  But breakfast always makes me sleepy so I ended up dozing off and sleeping on the couch for a couple hours.   My roommate is expected to be home from her two week vacation so I'm trying to finish tidying up the living room and should do the little bit of dishes.  They never end. I did get in my walk today.  Ended up finding a great bouquet of flowers for $2.50 because they aren't freshly cut.  I love them though.  I always love looking at flowers and always want to buy some but can't afford the cost.  So I thought since my roommate is going to be home and because they were on clearnence and I like them I decided to get them.   Gotta go.



Flowers are always a eautiful touch, I am sure your roommate will appreciate them.
If you want less dishes, just use paper plates!