Oh goodness, I see I missed yesterday...or did I?  Yesterday was a long long long day...maybe I wrote in the morning.  I think now that I might have. It was kind of an overcast day so we (Mom, my sister, and I) decided not to go on the trip to the valley we had been planning on.  Instead, somehow it got decided we would clean my tornado-hit room once and for all!  Oh My...let me tell you that was no easy feat.  I've been saying my room needs to be cleaned/organized/whatever...since I lived at my old place before moving here almost a year ago.  Finally there is some order in there.  Lots still to do...but lots and lots done.  It kinda felt like that show, Clean Sweep....or am I thinking of another one.  The show where they take this totally overrun disorganized space and move the stuff onto the lawn and make you sort it into piles...while they redo and organize the room itself.  Well, we weren't quite that extreme but we might as well have been, I haven't barely been able to move off the couch today.  And I know long before they left my apartment last night I was seeing double from exhaustion and my brain was so overloaded from decision making that by the end of it I was just saying...yeah whatever, you guys win.  LOL. On the plus side it looks a million times better, Yay, no more obstical course!  Also we ordered out for pizza and super yummy donair egg rolls.  I think I remember having to explain "donair" in a previous journal entry...I'll have to see if I can find it.  Donair egg rolls just take the donair meat and put it inside an egg roll wrap and deep fry it.  It is amazingly yummy.  LOL.  So unhealthy but oh so tasty! Anyway, today has been a total write off.  I got up early, because I went to bed early...and then fell asleep again on the couch for a few hours.  I've been awake since but just sitting/laying on the couch and reading blogs.  I don't even much feel like being on facebook and I'm usually a total facebook junkie.