Feeling so-so today but made the best of it.  Still sleeping in later then I should be.  My goal right now (although not officially recorded on my goals here) is to be up by 11:30am and I haven't even been meeting that goal.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck.  Friday I will for sure as I have a 9:30am appointment in town.   An appointment I've been waiting for now for a few years, the referral got lost or something and my psychiatrist put another referral in either the end of last year or beginning of this year.  Then still never heard so she called them a few times and finally got my appointment.  It's with Reproductive Mental Health because my periods mess with my moods so bad a lot of times.  I have noticed that the majority of times when I fall into a depression it is triggered by time of the month except I don't always bounce back out of it when that time is over.  And it's around that time that I almost always end up in the hospital.  So we want to find out if there is anything else going on that hasn't been considered and if there are any other treatment options.  I've been waiting since Fall of 2006 for this appointment. Today was Canada Day.  I really didn't do much, but Happy Canada Day to those reading who are Canadian.  :) My roommate and I did go for a nice walk though.  So that was good and I did treat myself to a koolade slushie (grape, my favorite) and a box of reeses whoppers...malt balls basically but instead of being chocolate covered they were peanut butter covered.  Yummy!  We also watched the movie Stomp the Yard.  And then I watched some fireworks from the comfort of my living room.  I had wanted to go downtown to watch them but this was next best option...it wasn't the ones I wanted to see but it did the trick.  :) Tomorrow need to get some groceries, pay bills, and not sure what else.  I think it'll be a good day though.