okay, so I cheated...I ended up falling asleep on the couch for a bit of a nap...opps... my nephew and his girlfriend came over today, we had a great time.  Also, they went with me to get my eyebrow pierced (my sister had no problem with them coming as they both are older and have piercings of their own).  It didn't hurt but I heard it break through skin and tissue and that made me queasy...plus it was so humid that didn't help any.  I had to lean against the wall and then I almost puked but thankfully I didn't.  I guess they're pretty used to it...you never know how your body will react I guess.  I go back in 2 weeks or so to get it changed to a smaller one (they use a longer one to accommodate for swelling until it heals some).   After that we came back to my place and ordered pizza (finally...I've been telling them to come over for it for almost a year as payment for helping me move) and we watched Happy Feet.  That's what she wanted to watch so my nephew and I agreed.  They also told me some about their trip to Florida and looked up some youtube video's to show me some of the rides.   tomorrow I have an appointment and I'm kinda tired now so I'm planning to head to bed shortly...it's around midnight so that's a reasonable time for me.  I'm thinking also of going to the Salvation Army store...but I don't know yet.