Went for another good walk today, not quite as long as yesterday.  Went to check if the piercing place was open, no luck so went to the cafe nearby and bought a homemade organic ginger cookie (it was delicious)!  Walked down a side street and cut through a path on the edge of an elementary school and went to the mall to the post office to get a stamp to mail a postcard.  Walked all the way around both floors of the mall.  Picked up something at the dollar store for mom.  Came home and relaxed.  Watched Spiderman 2 with my roommate and she made an amazingly yummy supper again.  Another salad with chicken in it.  Soooooo yummy.  I always put poppyseed dressing on it.  That's my favorite.  Sad thing is, 2 big salads and bowels still not moving like they should be.  It seems like for a few days they do well and then they just stop working for a few days.  I'm drinking lots of water, trying to cut back on the amount of sugar I have, eatting more veggies (a lot of greens) and it just won't work.  I'm going to mention it to my doctor because I'm getting tired of it being this way.  I think it's probably med related but still.  Why does it have to help in one area and cause issues in another?!?  I don't want to be taking all these different meds.  No plans set in stone for tomorrow....it's suppose to be rainy but if it's not too bad I'm planning to go for another walk.  I want to go to the piercing place and maybe go to the Salvation Army store and see if they have any good clothes.  I'm really bummed about my wardrobe right now.  I only have 2-3 shirts that I feel good wearing and 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of capris, and I don't know if I even have any shorts, but I do have a few comfy skirts.  It's just really sad.  So if I can find some inexpensive nice clothing I think maybe it's time to invest.  I also want to look for some artsy crafty things....or things I can use as such.  I signed up for a swap with someone I've wanted to swap with for months now and I did buy a few things for her but I want to try to make something too.  I want it to be an awesome package that makes her smile.