1:25am Was a good day once I got started.  I changed up the scenery and went and dropped off the dvd's to the library and met up with my dad for coffee...errr...I had an ice cappaccino.  Then met up with one of my sisters and her friend and went in the mall for a bit.  Dad helped me do a couple quick errands (nice when someone with a vehicle can help out a bit) and then dropped me at the bus stop so I could head home.   Got off the bus a stop late and went to a store up the road from my place to look into eyebrow piercings.  I've been wanting one for years and think I'll get it done soon.   Maybe even tomorrow.  I'm excited. They were too busy tonight so since it's like maybe 10 minute walk at most decided to go back another time.   Getting a camera that I want tomorrow.  I found it on kijiji and it's a good deal and some of the accessories are interchangeable with my current camera.  I want this one because it's small and will fit easily in my purse or a pocket whereas my one is huge and while I think it's a great camera it's a pain to carry at all times.  Plus this one I'm buying has the option of getting different lenses and a waterproof case if I want.  A big plus since I love the opportunity to learn.  So for $50 it's a steal to me. Got home, had supper, then my roommate and I went to the mall for a bit.  It was fun.  There are some really good deals so I may try on some clothes tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes.   Anyway, that's about it.  It's super warm and humid now and too hot to sleep.  They've been calling for thunderstorms for the last few days but we haven't had any yet.  I, for one, would not mind a good summer thunderstorm...anything to get a break from the humidity.  I'm thinking of getting one of those neck wrap things that you soak in water and they stay cool for awhile.  I'm just too hot. Oh, my sister that has been sick went to the ER this morning.  Her heart has been acting weird since before Christmas, skipping beats and then racing and it was really acting up this morning so she went to the hospital.  They took her right in and did a bunch of tests but it settled down on it's own.  She is going to have more tests done as soon as they can be arranged.