still feeling really shitty but the #'s seem to be improving 140/92 and pulse 91 last time i checked a few minutes ago...been keeping an eye every 15 minutes or so...also checked my temp because i feel like i'm melting (when don't i?  lol) and while it's a higher reading then normal for me it's not a fever 99.9 was the highest reading i i think i'm going to take myself to bed...and try to get up early and do the blood work i was suppose to do months ago relating to the high blood pressure... that means i'll have to leave here at like 6-6:30am in order to get registered in time....stupid blood test that has to be done twice a day, first time before 8am....the blood clinic here is almost busier then going to the ER but the ER doesn't do these particular tests unless they think it's urgent...*sigh*...another one of the tests involves sitting still for 15min before they do the test.  This would be so much easier if they admitted me over night...then the lab could come do it while I'm in bed and I don't even really have to wake I guess it's better to go to the clinic...just a pain mentally i feel crappy too...but i'll survive...somehow... going to head to bed now...probably just fighting the virus my roommate has...on top of everything else