Appointments went really well.  Except for the fact I was rushing to get to both of them.  I missed the bus I was planning to get on the way to both...but it worked out. Then I got to the first one and went to buy water and realized I forgot my wallet.  Ughh.  Anyway...oh well...the appointment itself went well.   I asked my psychiatrist to clarify her opinion of what my "diagnosis" is because I left last appointment a bit confused.  She said definitely without a doubt I have major depressive episodes but partially might be related to my ongoing undiagnosed (lupus-like) health issues with my blood count and stuff.   But she said that is definite.  She also said traits of borderline personality disorder but not necessarily the disorder and she has considered bipolar II but isn't sure that I have that either.  Anyway, I wanted to know just so we could be on the same page and for all the differnet paperwork and things with being on disability...they all like to have lables.  I don't mind whatever the issue is...I know that I'm getting the right treatment now and no matter how the "diagnoses" changes most of my treatment will remain the same.  We also talked about the possibility of having to decrease the prozac because of the side effects but I said I want to try a little longer to see if they ease off.  I'm not ready to give up on this med yet...unless things don't settle down. After that appointment I came back home because I needed my wallet and decided to have lunch here.  Then went to my new psychology appointment and that went well too.  So much better then the other psychologist.   I didn't end up going to the Garden's because I was able to get home without having to pay another bus fare and I wasn't feeling well physically.  I'm still feeling *off* physically.  I'm not sure if I'm fighting a bug, if it's from the meds, or from reflux, or what.  I dunno.  I guess time will tell.   Anyway, planning to go to bed early tonight and finish reading The Shack.    Oh, I ended up switching my wake up goal from the last entry to this one because it's the only way it would update properly.  I dunno what the glitch is but this seems to be only way to fix it.   It's the same day so it's no biggy.