Wow, okay, I'm going to type this as quick as my little fingers will let me.  Yesterday ended up being alright...just had a mid-afternoon dip...but fought through it.  Got out for that walk...wearing my new sneakers....and ended up with blisters.  Ouchie!  Other then that, the walk was great.   Kinda went to bed late last night but not so late that it messed up with my wakeup goal.  Oh...I'm suppose to set a new goal for bedtime too.  I'll do that soon.  You may (or not) have noticed I edited my goals slightly after meeting with my OT yesterday.  Walk 4 times a week now instead of 3 and wake up by 10am instead of 10:30am.  Today I got up a little after ahead of schedule.  Got up, got my morning routine going (I'm slow to get started)....and then mom and I went to a fundraiser at the local children's hospital.  They have a flea market, a silent auction, baked goods, games for the kids, facepainting, balloons, and so much more.  It was a great time and Mom and I got some good bargains.  Whether or not we needed the stuff is another story.  LOL.  It was all for a good cause anyway.   I did struggle today with anxiety...being a passenger in a car really messes with my nerves and crowds of people I don't least until I get used to the environment a bit and have a chance to warm up.  I got through it and didn't use any ativan or anything (haven't been carrying it with me anymore).  I'm happy about that.  Every nerve in my body wanted to turn around and walk right back outside when we got there but I kept with it and it did subside so I was able to enjoy myself.   Anyway, it's almost midnight and I'm ready to crash.