Still feeling cranky and irritible and depressed...but trying to just ride it out...I know it's just time of the month stuff and dealing with the apartment issues. I came up with a compromise last night in regards to the no cutting rule.  I've done this before.  It seems to work.  I take it out on the plantars wart that won't go away.  Since normally I'd go to the doctor to have it cut down, I've been sterilizing it and cutting it down myself.  I don't consider it to be breaking my no cutting rule because I'd be getting the doctor or nurse to do it anyway and it helps get rid of my urges so right now it seems to be a good solution.  I'm very careful about cleaning things with rubbing alcohol and take the same precautions as the I think for now it's the way to go.   Anyway, weather is gorgeous today so I'm going to try to get outside for a bit.