2 months today, not sure it's going to last. I've got a lot on my mind.  My roommate is stressed about money and I'm stressed about money and she's asking me for more money and asking me to get money from my parents which I already got $40 from them...I can't get any more.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to move back to my parents house for a short time to try to get on top of money a bit and am just stressed.  I know that a month, maybe two, would be the max I could live at my parents house before we are all on each others case.  I can't go to either of my sisters houses due to allergies.  I can't afford even the coops here, they're about 300-400 over my budget.  Makes you feel real great when you can't afford the "affordable" housing.  I figure I'm probably going to have to apply to public housing and get on that waiting list, but I've got to decide soon.  I need to give 3 months notice to get out of here...although if there was someone interested in my room sooner then I wouldn't need that much notice.  I figure this is probably the root I'm going to have to take...in order to get on track financially again.  I don't like this option...but I don't see a lot of choice right now while I'm thousands in debt and getting further in debt each week and not making ends meet.  I know it could be worse...but I'm still stressed, though I'm trying not to be.  God's got a plan. I went to the library today and took back some movies and renewed a few others.  Got a decaf Tim's and won a donut.  I know I shouldn't splurge on coffee's right now but it was my treat for making 60 days.  Besides, my boots leaked and my feet were soaked and needed something to help me warm up a bit.  Also picked up some melatonin since I'm out, so that was a necessity...I only slept 3 hours last night/this morning.  Thankfully church was cancelled due to the weather so I didn't feel bad about sleeping. Going to go.  Really need to think about my options right now.