i ended up not going to my physio appointment...i talked to them on the phone and it worked out okay so I won't get charged a no show fee.  I was her last client of the day so it meant she got to get off work a little earlier which she didn't mind....so it was all good. I talked (well played phone tag) with my psychiatrist and she said if I wanted I could up my prozac as it's still a low dose so I decided since I have a trip coming up that would probably be the smart thing to do.  I had a super relaxed lazy day.  I had a nap which I needed.  And when I woke up my roommate said she had made some supper for me so I had a good healthy meal.  I think God knew I needed today to just have to myself and reflect and contemnplate and get some sleep that I haven't been getting enough of through the night.  I was struggling all day with depression and thoughts of self harm and suicidal thoughts but it seems to have eased off now.  I did do a quick bible study online with a friend and had someone else pray with me so I think that helped.  It wasn't what I felt like doing, but I knew it was what I had to do.  I also spent some time hanging out with my roommate tonight and we watched part of the movie Juno.  Well...I'm sleepy so going to get ready for bed and try to sleep.