My psychiatrist says I have PMDD...i think that means premenstral dysphoric disorder or something like that.  She said to keep doing what I'm doing, speaking positive thoughts, reminding myself it won't last, etc, and I'm trying.  I'm falling apart though.  I'm doing my best to just take it a moment at a time...but I am really unsure if I can do this without ending up in the hospital.  I don't want to do anything harmful to myself and if it comes down to it I will have to choose going to the hospital.  I just really hope and pray that doesn't happen.  I was able to manage getting my LTD paperwork done so now I just need to put it in the right envelopes and address is and on Monday take it to the post office to mail.   Mom was in for a visit for a bit but is gone again now.  And I just want to crawl under the covers and sleep and hide from the world forever.  I'm so frustrated that I am feeling like this.