God, grant me the serenityTo accept the things I cannot changeCourage to change the things I canAnd the wisdom to know the difference  I'm having a good day as are most of my days lately.  Praise God!  For so long there it seemed like I wasn't going to have any more good days, although I knew I would again see the light at some point.  And I do...I see the light.  It might not be as close and as bright as I'd like but I see it.  I know my God is there.  He hasn't forgotten me, He still loves me, He still has plans for my life.  And although I am admittedly kind of scared...I am totally excited too! I'm still at my parents house.  I skipped depression group tonight.  Opps.  I am heading back to my apartment tomorrow.  I have a dermatology appointment and a few hours after that I have an appointment with my regular doctor.  Just for wound recheck so it should go alright.  And speaking of the wound...it seems to be healing nicely now.  I still have 1 steri-strip on it but I'm sure after tomorrow it will be safe to take it off.  When I changed the strip the other day I thought it looked like it didn't need any strips anymore but I put one on just in case.  I'm happy, it's closed.  I'm sad that I did that to myself in the first place.  I'm finding myself kind of wanting to get away from the computer and work more on crafts and other things now that I am feeling better.  I worked on an ATC (artist trading card) today.  I'm quite happy with how it turned out as long as it doesn't fall apart.  I'm still very much a newbie with those.  I want to do so much and am still lacking the focus to sit down and do much of it.  But I'm confident that will come.  I also am finding an urge to get back to work...of some sort.  The catch 22 is that while I'm LTD (long-term disability) if I find work I loss income until I make an amount higher then what I make on LTD and I'm not confident enough in my bodies ability to handle enough hours yet.  I am definitely working towards an unofficial return to work date of April of 2009.  That is my goal.   I have a trip at the end of February to Ontario, near Toronto, to visit my best friend from High School.  Her and her mom are paying for my flight.  I'm excited.  It's going to be an expense even though my flight and accomodations are covered but I really need to get away for a bit.  And this is my best opportunity.   My sister sent me an email with a link to a neat blog.  It's http://www.messythrillinglife.blogspot.com/  Well, I guess that's probably it.  I should go pack up as much of my stuff as I can for tomorrow.  Charge up my cell phone and my camera battery...and maybe have a shower...though I think I"m going to defer that until the morning after I take my pariet.   Oh, I edited my not cut/burn goal to better reflect my true goal and make it more tangeable.