Getting ready to go for my EKG appointment.  I'm assuming it's still on since I haven't heard otherwise.  My physio appt was cancelled though.  We had a storm last night and it changed to rain and now there's water everywhere.  The drains are it's like mini rivers for streets in some spots.  And it's suppose to freeze later.  Blech.  Gonna be a mess.  Already is, but gonna be worse.  *shrugs* Had my shower this morning.  Remembered yesterday that I have 30 min to kill after I take the pariet so that was a perfect time to have a morning shower...which is what I prefer.  But my cut on my arm opened up again.  *shudders*  Gross.  No bleeding or draining...but just open.   Tomorrow night will be 2 weeks since I did that.  Feels like forever now though since I've been feeling better mentally for the past week. Stomach/abdomin/gastrointestinal stuff (whatever it is) is still acting up but not nearly so bad.  I've got to be careful and make sure I am eating proper amounts.  That seems to make a difference.  It's just so uncomfortable sometimes so ends up being slow going...but I'm getting through.  It's improving and so am I so it's all good.   Tomorrow is primary physician appointment and depression group in the evening.  Today though, when I get home from my appointment I plan on working on the swap I have to do...and reading.  Haha...and maybe grabbing a short nap.  I only slept maybe 4 hours last night.