Still hanging out at my parents but will probably head back to the city today...if not today tomorrow  for sure...but probably today.  I just put my last load of laundry in that didn't get done the other day.   I'm thinking a lot of the coop housing and even public housing lately.  I really would like to have my own apartment.  My roommate is cool and everything but I just don't feel like I am being fair to her because I'm not able to keep up with my share of things and it's not right.  All that's doing is causing me more anxiety, guilt, and tension.  I just really feel like things would be better if I was on my own...the only problem there is money.  I don't make enough to be on my own...even in a coop or public housing...but I can probably get a subsidy to help me out.  I really need to look at my options.   Anyhow... that's just the things going on in my head right now. I'm doing okay...well I am a little sad thinking about the housing and money...but otherwise I am okay.