i don't feel good at all today...well...that's partially a lie...physically i don't feel that bad...but i just don't feel like being alive...i can't seem to shake it...i don't know what to do did manage to sleep with only taking 20mg of the oxazepam last night and no benedryl...guess i was tired...glad because i hate taking all the meds...how ironic is that....i hate taking meds but i want to od...yeah my brain is screwed up i guess i should get something to eat and take my meds and actually get some laundry in...but i don't even feel like moving...i just want the world to swallow me whole...i just don't care...



you mean alot to me.
i dont want the world to swallow you whole. your beautiful...you have made me smile, made me feel like there was a brighter side...and I dont even know you too well!
you mean alot to us on DS...you support everyone and I want to repay that favor. Let me support and help you.
Please call me 416 918 7175 if you would like. I am there, and the phone line can be used.
Or if you have msn, or email, email me directly..or something.
Please let me help and let you feel that you are important to me.
We love you. You are beautiful and you are improtant!
You are caring, supportive, sweet, you are always there for us on this site, and its time that we are there for you too.
Let me help you feel like the beautiful person you are.
(K) (L)

i know how you\'re feeling and i am here if you need to talk at all. You have been so supportive for me, i\'m here for you too.

GET UP! GET THE BOOGIE IN YER BUTT! =) do you have a dog?

you are too precious to OD and throw in the towel my love! just so you know you keep me going...

send me a message anytime if you need an ear (eye?). i\'m online practilly everyday now.