Hey, forgot to give an update on life as I know it yesterday.    Feeling better yesterday and even had the energy to walk to my psychiatrist appointment (about 15 min)...downhill.  LOL.  As I suspected I did my meds adjusted.  So I'm now on 50mg of Celexa with the possibility of going to 60mg.  Actually she wants me to go to 50mg after one week at 50mg...I said I want to hold it at 50mg for a bit and see how that goes before going to 60mg.  So we will see. Then went to the grocery store to pick up some eggs....got distracted looking in the kitchen item aisle while looking for a glass jug so i can put fruit or vegetables in my water so I don't have to drink plain water all the time.  I get so sick of it that I end up cheating and drinking organic pop (it's been on sale...but still high in sugar)...or I end up drinking a lot of juice.  I figure this will be better.  So just as I was tippy toe reaching for the jug the power at the store went out.  So half the store was dark...thankfully they have backup generators....so we still had some light.  I just continued on and grabbed a couple things I needed and high-tailed it to the check-out.  I completely forgot to look in the produce section...opps.  Oh well...next time.  Right when I was in the checkout the power came back on...darn.  LOL.  It was actually quite nice not having all of the overhead lights on...much easier on the eyes.  Kept me from going down all the junky aisles too.  Haha.  Anyway...I paid and left.  It was raining...but I didn't care...stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus.  The rain stopped before the bus came anyway and so I didn't get all the wet.  I like timing like that. My online appointment got rescheduled until Friday evening provided my therapist has power to get online.  She's in the path of Hurricane Hannah.  Actually so am I but by the time it gets here it probably will barely even be a tropical storm.  I was kind of glad it got rescheduled anyway.  I don't care for too mental health appointments in the same day.  And I was exhausted anyway.  Tried to go to bed earlier but couldn't sleep as tired as I was.  Ah well.  *shrugs*  What can ya do.  So I read for a bit. Sure slept in today...it was a bit after 12noon when I got up.  Then had to take my immunofirst pill...wait 30 minutes before eating...take my greens+ energy drink...which filled me up...and then it was 2pm before I had my breakfast.  :O  Crazy I know.  Then one of my friends came over for a bit and then my parents came over and brought more furniture but it's nice because now we have a little office area started.  Both my roommate and I love it.  So I put my printer/scanner out there and the paper shredder and it's really looking great.  Can't wait to scan some old pics now that the scanner part of the printer is soooo much easier to get at.  It's old location on my little desk in my room made it soooooo awkward.   Anyway...aside from that I haven't really done anything.  Nor do I have much planned.  I might go to another grocery store tomorrow (get some produce) and to a couple other stores...but not sure yet.