Well, it is 1:12am and I should be asleep but my legs are just too achy tonight and my throat is feeling funny...like I may be fighting off something.  I was hoping to be able to church in the morning but I'm not sure if that will happen at the rate I am going.  Plus I have been exposed to strept throat and if that's what I am starting to fight I don't want to pass it on.  *sigh*  Darn immune system....I want it to be normal.  Anyhow...I won't complain.  I am blessed to be doing as well as I am. My thumb hurts...I wasn't paying attention last night to what i was doing and was resting my hand on the top of my fan...and my thumb slipped inside the caged area and the blades tried to take off my thumb nail.  Ouchie.  Good thing my nails are long...but still...i think I have a bruise on the nail bed.   My sister and oldest nephew came by to visit.  I was happy they decided to come in.  I like having my family visit especially my nephews.  I wish I was closer with them.  It's hard to get close to them and get to know them better when they are teenagers.  Anyway, I was finally able to give my eldest nephew his birthday card and gift card.  Only about 6 weeks late because of the virus I have had.  Blah.  Anyway, the giftcard was for the mall which is just up the road from my house so we went there for supper and then he went to a store he likes and got a pair of shorts he's been wanting for awhile now.  Glad he was able to get something he has wanted.  My soon to be roommate and I may be getting together tomorrow for a bit.  Not sure yet.  It would be cool if we can...although I don't want to pass anything on to her either.  We'll see how I feel when I wake up....if I ever manage to fall asleep first.  Hehe. Well, i should go try this whole sleep thing out again.  Wish me luck. ***HUGS***  Take care!