Well my goal of getting up between 9am-10am every morning didn't work so well today.  I woke up when the phone rang at almost 1pm.  But when I woke up I remembered why I slept so late.  I wasn't my normal self last night.  I took half dose of oxazepam and couldn't sleep.  Started cleaning and came across the Temazepam...ended up taking a couple of doses of that as well.  Not sure why I did that.  I just wanted to be sure I got a good night sleep.  I know that's an unhealthy thing to do.  I'm still sort of puzzled.  I know I wasn't intending anything bad to happen.   Today I didn't really do anything.  Just having a lazy day.  I think Saturday should be declared lazy day.  Did take a few pictures though and trying to work on my room.  I got some stuff ready to get rid of...but now I have a bigger mess in my room and I can't move anywhere...so I need to actually get rid of the stuff.  Well, actually most of it is stuff I'm moving to my parents house.  LOL.  But I do have stuff I'm getting rid of too.   Oh this entry is pointless.  Nothing interesting to write and I'm just babbling.