We are not human beings going through a temporary spiratual experience. We are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience.  Having a good day.  Slept all night with the help of the sleeping pills again.  Got up at 9am and lazed around a little bit, but not too long.  Had a good breakfast...pita bread with peanut butter and banana, organic cinnamon cereal, and a clemintine and pomegrante blueberry juice.  Played on the computer for a bit and then went to my 11am appointment with my psychiatrist.  That went well.  We're playing with my meds a bit to see if it helps with my energy.  I now have to split my dose of Celexa and take half in the morning and half at night.  We'll see if that helps.  I'm not convinced that is the problem so we will see.  She's also going to arrange for me to see my old Occupational therapist again so hopefully that won't take long.   After the appointment I went to the post office and picked up a package and then to Tim's to get my coffee (1/2 decaf) and I let myself get a donut since I had a freebie.  Brought it home to eat/drink it here.  Then had a nap on the couch and got up and got ready to go to a friends.  Got off the bus early and stopped at an Asian grocery store to see what kind of goodies they have in there.  I was looking for something specific but they only had it in the small sample size mixed with a few other kinds of candy.  Ah well, got it anyway....ended up spending over $8 on candy.  Opps.  They had these kiwi flavored gummy candies that I saw online and wanted to try and they were around $5 so that's were most of the money went.   From there I walked about 20-30 minutes to meet up with my friend.  She was making supper for us and we had a movie planned.  This is her last weekend in the executive condo and then her and her roommate are back to their old apartment where the fire was.  We'll still hang out though...in fact her old apartment is even closer to my place then the other.  Problem is it's close enough that it's hard to justify busing there, but far enough away (and uphill) that walking is a pain.  Oh well.  I'll survive.  Anyway, had a great time.   Now I'm home and winding down for bed.  Well, trying to.  I think I'll take half my dose of sleeping meds tonight so I can hopefully get some sleep.  Wish me luck.