Didn't really do much of anything...should be asleep right now, but ya know I never am.  It's a little after 3am so will have to try soon to sleep. I got out for a little bit earlier in the evening.  Went to a couple stores and grabbed a slice of pizza.  Bought LOTS of junk food too.  What I really wanted to do was go to the liquor store but that's further away so talked myself out of it and bought lots of junk instead.  *shrugs*  If I can't drink at least I can still have my candy.  LOL. I think I'm coming down with another cold or something.  My head was achy all day and my throat has been feeling a little sore as well.  Hmm....I literally just got over something so hope I'm not getting something else.   I really don't have anything much to talk about...at least nothing that hasn't been talked about a million times already.  Got urges but that's nothing new.   Thinking of giving in, but if I do or don't is nothing new either.  I've had times were I've given in and times when I haven't.   I'm just stuck in a rut, not really doing particularly good or bad, not sure I'm okay either though.  I just sort of exist.  I guess kind of numb...whatever.