Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So I ended up sleeping all evening and am kind of awake now that it's midnight.  Go figure.  I took a loxapine though so hopefully I'll be tired enough to sleep again soon.  I've got bad urges far managing though.  I'm trying to stay strong for my family.  My BIL is suppose to have his surgery in the morning.  Hopefully it happens this time.  And then my aunt has her second chemo treatment tomorrow as well.  I hope it doesn't affect her as much as last time.  And today I'm just SOOOO achy and it keeps feeling like the circulation in my legs is cut off.  They're just so cold and ache right to the bones.  I just want me and my family to be happy and healthy and apparently that's too much to ask.  Just took ibuprofen to try to cope with the aching so I can hopefully sleep.  Tomorrow is gonna be stressful.  I see my family doctor tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes.