I think I'm having a flare.  I don't know...h*ll, I don't even know 100% if I have lupus so how am I suppose to know if this is a flare.  I just know my arms and legs are aching bad and feeling stiff today although I am still able to hide it.  It is very rainy and stormy today as well so I know that isn't helping.  Thing is last couple bad rain storms I didn't get the aches but now that I've been sick I'm getting them.  Definitely something to mention to the rheumatologist in a couple weeks.   I was talking to my counselor earlier today.  So she knows how I'm doing...and she was going to talk to my psychiatrist and keep her updated.  I'm not feeling as aggitated right now at the moment...but I also took an ativan so that might be helping.  I dunno. I went to chiropractor and she said I don't have to go back again for 2 weeks.  Yay!  Unless I have any back pain or bad headaches.  She did a headache treatment today. Well, I don't got much to say except thank you for reading and for your support.  It means a lot.  I need to go rest a bit.  Between the aches, the cold, and the ativan I'm just so tired.