I don't belong anywhere, I don't fit in... I went out to see my new great step-niece Hannah and all the rest of my family tonight.  For once I actually decided to put an effort into how I looked and dressed.  No one noticed or cared.  Then everyone got offered a round of drinks (tea, coffee, juice, water, beer) and I got left out.  Anytime I said anything I was ignored.  No one wanted to have their picture with me.   No one really wanted anything to do with me.  It's like I'm invisible.  Apparentely I don't matter...because I'm not a real person.  And it wasn't like everyone was fussing over the baby...I mean they were, but everyone was interacting with each other...except me.  The few times anyone did pay attention to me it was to treat me like a little kid.  When my nieces who are both younger then me, get treated like adults because they are mothers.  So apparently the only way to be accepted in this family is to be a baby or a parent.  I give up.  What's the point in trying?! Oh, I know I'm behind on commenting to a lot of entries on here.  I promise I will get to them.  Just right now I"m too upset.