I hate ms, but I will not let it consume my life.  I walk like I am drunk, so it is impossible to hide(I can barely walk).  There are still things that I can do with MS, but there is also things that I have to think about not doing.  For me, it is one physical step at a time.  I don't like night, balance starts in the eyes.  I have no reference on balance when the sun has gone down.  We get reference of balance from being able to see the ground.  That is why I know that we are part of the earth, I have always known this.  I was born in Montana where we have mountains to see elevation.  That is what I loved about the Swiss Alps, Switzerland reminds me of Montana.  I wonder if I will ever get to see the Himalayas, or maybe the Andes in South America.  I am really happy about being raised in the Rocky Mountains.  I have never seen the Appalachians, maybe someday.