today is the day

it was last year, on the fourth, that a car pulled out in front of me when I was going 55 mph.  It was two days later that the doctor ordered an MRI and I was diagnosed with MS.  It does give me great sadness to think about that experience because it did change my life forever.  I am lucky to be alive.  There is a picture of my car on here.  I just had to make it through the year.  A year ago today, I was in a hospital room.  I can remember waking up asking, "where am I, what happened".  I wanted this pain to all be over in the year, and it has taken this long for the other guys insurance company to settle with me.  I still have anxiety when being a passenger in a car, I have to close my eyes sometimes just to keep my anxiety level down.  But, I made it through the year.  I am still the same level headed person I have always been who uses common sense above everything.  It is done and now I can move on.