Food trivia question, what are the five foods that Columbus brought back from the new world?  Answer; the turkey, tomatoes, potatoes, chilie peppers and corn(maize).  Tomatos are related to a plant called Night Shade which is poisonous and so tomatos were thought to be poisonous for a long time.  When the potato surfaces, they grow under ground, the eyes on the potato produces chloriphyl.  In the boat ride over the ocean, they were not stored properly and the chloriphyl made people in the queens court sick, so they did not catch on till Sir Walter Raleigh brought them in to Ireland where they bred many species, like the Irish Red.  Potatos were origonaly black, the Burbank Russet(Idaho Russet) was invented in New York State.  There are many different kinds of potato, including the Yukon Gold.  If you see green on a potato, it is no good.  Columbus waslooking for a new route to India for peppercons, he got to what he named The West Indies instead.  He had to bring something back for the Queen, Queen Isabella of Spain.  He told the native people about this and brought him bell peppers, which just happen to have the same chemical in them called Capsium.  They also brought him maize which is entirly different from what we know as corn.  Maize started as a grassy seed.  It was genitically grown into the ears of corn that we know, even Native corn is entirely different than what we call corn.  Corn must be planted by a human, it cannot grow naturally.  Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the National Bird The Turkey instead of The Eagle because the turkey has helped Americans more than the Eagle.