Meditation, it just has to be everything.  Relaxation of the body effects the mind.  Life stresses you out, how you respond shows your character.  I figured out a very long time ago, to be cool is to have a cool head.  People do stress me out, I just let it roll off of me like water off a ducks back.  There are many different kinds of meditation that I do all day long, but there is one that I try to do everytime I breath in and out(inspiration and expiration).  Visualize negative energy leaving you with every breath, that is all it takes.  I can see how people get obsessed over this, but living in a city environment exposes you to free radicals in the air in the form of pollution.  I live in and from the most populated city in Montana.  Air pollution is not a very big problem in Montana, but I have been many other places and I have had friends go to major cities in Central and South America and they don't have any pollution control on thier vehicles.  So much of the world creates the pollution of the world.
Goodness, there are so many problems with the world and I know so many of them.  I would love to forget about them.  Now I have problems of my own that I have to address first.  Maybe the way we are polluting the world is giving us more health problems.



Breathing in negitive energy , should be a bumper sticker.

I agree about living in the cities and breathing whatever Oxygen is still left there.

I was raised in the country and I mean a one grocery store in the Village, country.
Now I am blessed to be way in the country again.
Meditation is imperative to do every day, and so is stretching throughout the day. I feel a calm body is a focused body.

Love it!!