When Jeff was in middle school he wrote a very long short story and turned it in as an English assignment. The story was about a vampire who had to feast on his mother because she was the last mortal left on earth and if he didn't drink her blood he would surely die. Oh my goodness, the grief that story caused. I had the principal knocking on my door telling me that I must come with him because he was afraid for my safety. He thought Jeff wanted to kill me. I went to the school and had a conference with all of Jeff's teachers, the school psychologist, the counselors, the principal and numerous other do gooders. They wanted me to send my son to some looney bin. My God, it was FICTION. All of a sudden, without my knowledge or permision they brought Jeff in. They didn't even warn me. The poor guy started bawling as soon as he saw me. He felt so bad that they had gone to me with these fears and he thought that if I was there with them I must be on their side. It was horrible. Jeff and I had a bond that only truly blessed mom & sons have. I was only 16 when I had him so he was son and brother. I was too stupid to get married before having more kids, I didn't ever want to be married, so Jeff took on the father figure role for his brothers. He did a wonderful job, too. Jeff filled many shoes for many people and never, ever was he going to hurt me.