I recently signed up with Reunions.com. I looked for everyone I can remember that I've ever known and have not heard from for a while. Yesterday I got a reply from my best friend who was lost from me. We were both down on our luck that year. I ended up in a domestic violence shelter and she moved while I was there. We were lost. This was 7 years ago. I visited with her for a couple hours and had the time of my life. She already knew about Jeff because her daughter found Jeff's My Space with all of the notes from his loved ones. If you would care to read these notes his name is Jeffrey Fleckenstein. Be prepared, they're pretty sad. I go there and read from time to time but am unable to leave a note. Too sad. Today I went to the urologist who has decided to go in somehow and extract my stones. He also changed my diet. My trainer has me on high protien, only oatmeal for carbs. No dairy. The doc says NO PROTIEN, much milk and cheese & lots of lemonade. I feel like a push me pull me.