Hello all Well now its Tuesday and i have some bad news, I started bleeding very lightly Friday night at around 11.30pm, I just knew it was to good to be true, aslast year I bleed 1 week after tranfers and did the same on this treatment, anyway i layed in bed all day saturday and sunday and it seemed to stop then on Sunday night it came flooding, so I know this means it hasne worked, the worst thing is that we have to go tot he hospital tomorrow to have bllod test to confirm this, so i really just want to get it over with now, strange as I couldnt wait wait to have my  blood taken as we all know the 1ww kills us all and on my last treatment the hospital didbt take any blood test but now that im bleeding I really cant be asked, but i know I need to have them done so that we can move on with our lives and put it behind us, We are already looking at our next treatment and are hopefully going to have that in Sept 2008, of course we will have to pay for this one and it will work out at around £6000 pounds, this will be our last as we cant afford tokeep paying out this kind of money, plus it takes us almost 18months to save that kind of money.We wew lucky that the NHS paid for the one we just had, but it is scary that all that money has gone in a space of 4 weeks.Id like to thank you all for listering to me moan and groan, love to you all. XXXXXXXXX