I went to have my MRI on tuesday of last week and yesterday I went to the Dermatology Clinic and my face and the rash on my lower leg was all flared up and itching. I was suffering so much with pain in general all over. They ordered some more blood tests on me for autoimmune problems,but as usual I mentioned the idea to this stupid woman that came into see me,and I don't even think she was a doctor just a student, about the rash on my face being maybe a sign of Lupus, and she said it wasn't the classic Butterfly rash and that it wasn't Lupus,      LOL. I have even talked to a woman a couple months back here in Oklahoma City with the Lupus Support group and she said allot of people don't have a rash that looks exactly like the butterfly rash and they have Lupus. She ordered blood tests run to check me for any autoimmune condition,but said if they came back negative it meant I did't have Lupus,or any autoimmune  problems. I'm at the end of my ropes with this and wondering what to do next since my Medicaid is not accepted much anymore here in Oklahoma. I guess that I'm goping to have to move out of sate to find a good doctor who knows just exactly what is going on with me and will treat me like a civil human being and not a Lab Rat!