hello everyone, I am writing a new entry, I wrote the first one last week i think. But i was very upset about the whole situation, it felt like the end of the world. I thought we were never going to talk ever again. But with the help of a legal aid person, and family members i was told to maintain some contact with her. I have to start her on getting a job, start counseling, get her a license, and I want to get her on some waiting lists for apartments. I also need to get some information on GED classes for her. Because she was home schooling for a while. But she never went. I cant make this girl do anything. It's terrible.
She is supposed to go out and look for work today. She got into a work force program and was drawn on the second lottery.  So she can look for work now. I just hope she does it and follows through and gets a job.
I am physically exhausted all the time because of the energy it take to handle her. I have to constantly cater to her needs and put my needs aside, and the needs of my other children too.
For example if I buy my son a cell phone. I find out later she takes it and sells it. I tell my son don't give her the phone, he tells me he doesn't and says she just takes it from him. That is just an example. Or once I was in a store and I had a twenty dollar bill, and she literally tried to wrestle me for it. It ripped, but thankfully i was able to replace it with some change. I like to buy music for myself. She always takes them and never returns them.  I am at a loss for what to do with this girl.
So my goal I guess is before she turns 18 I want to teach her to be self sufficient and not depend on others to take care of her.
Or at least half way take care of her self anyway. It's a long difficult road, but I will get through it. Hopefully I can get some ideas from others in my situation.