I've mentioned that I grew up in my father's company around mostly men.  Am used to men always around.  My sister dated one of my father's workers, she's 8 yrs older, he was a few years older, and we went to a festival and he carried me around on his shoulders (I was only 10), but now he constantly jokes that  he had his head between my legs, and I'm so used to his fowl humor, it just rolls off my back.  My ex was a co-worker that my father set me up with.
Through working there I met hundreds of men, most who never understood why I married ex - most of them hate him as a boss.
My ex hated that employees would outwardly say to him or me that they had a huge crush on me.
Now, I'm divorced, I don't work with my family, but still friends with most of the employess.  It bothers me that most hate...I really mean hate my ex, they hate working for him, and avoid him when possible. 
I still respect my ex, I know he loves what he does, but agree he has no people skills. 
Anyway, one of the workers he sent over to finish stuff after he moved out, we found a friendship.
We only found it because ex told me that he's in a similar boat, but his wife is crazier than I am.
I obviously must not be crazy, because I am his sounding board.  His wife has a mental condition, and quit taking her meds, so she's apparantly 'out there'.  He's afraid for his kids, and doesn't have many people to really talk to.
We are attracted to each other, but he knows I'm in a relationship, and he's got enough going on.
Then comes my married boyfriend.  I wanted to tell him that this man called to update me about life, work, and wanted to make sure I had something to do for Easter.  I didn't tell him because we went out for a drink and bite to eat, and someone who knew us, bought us our 1st drinks.  My boyfriend got an attitude, and asked if I'd rather sit with him.
He has a jealousy problem.  Because I'm divorced, he thinks every man is after me.  That explains why I spend so much time alone!
I have been in love with him for 26 yrs.  We were going in different directions, and we didn't work out.  Now, we want the same things, I've commited to him, and am just waiting for his divorce.
I still refuse to talk with other men.  Maybe I'm keeping options open.



Haven\'t made an entry in a while. I feel like I\'m moving forward. Best thing was my BFF of almost 30 yrs telling me that I\'m a f\'n old nasty b****, and my boyfriend would F her in a minute, but he\'d F anyone in a minute.

It was coming. I went out out my way with my then husband and kids to be with her during her divorce. She never once helped me, in fact, she went behind my back to my ex with personal info., which my ex e-mailed me about why she was doing this. I was diagnosed with hypyglycemia, and if I don\'t eat certain things, so many times a day, I pass out, which caused a few minor accidents (falling), before it was diagnosed. I had been divorced a year when this started, and ex had no need of knowing.

My ex did not like her, I still don\'t realize why he continues to go out with her and ex husband, but not my interest.

Why she keeps needling about my boyfriend, which he has said that she came on to him back in college, but was never interested.

I kept my parent\'s financial situation as non-existant as I could. Two of the males on my floor knew my father. My father went into local HS\'s to teach trades, and promote Union growth. These two liked what he taught, and when they found out they were on the same floor with his daughter, they didn\'t take advantage, they actually protected me. They knew I needed the time away. My boyfriend never told me until 2 yrs ago that he knew who I was, and it never mattered.

Since the whole BFF debacle, my family, boyfriend, true friends gathered round.

I\'m getting in a better place, just wish my children were here. I have hope.