Thank you all.  My taste is bland but I try to sustain myself as much as possible.  This afternoon, Kim and I went for yogurt then grocery shopping.  She's afraid I'll starve or something.  She even insisted on carrying the basket for me.  From the store, she was going for the usual walk at the track but she dropped me off first.  We would always walk together before my cancer.  I wanted to join her but "Mama Kim" said no; I needed to rest to get my health back, she said.  She's younger than I am but she's so motherly.  Probably because she's the oldest and me the youngest in the family. 
Like you Chris, I usually go for the doctors' visits by myself most of the time.  But when I get home, that's when the girls' calls come one after the other checking what time I got home; how was the visit; how many needle pokes did the voodoo doll got this time.  If I had dinner or if there's something I wanted picked up.  They are all so sweet and what I appreciate with them most is that, like all of you, they are also God fearing people 
Your messages are getting shorter Lininsocal.  I guess the roomate is keeping you busy and hopefully happy.   
Yes, shuntedkiddo, God is really good and I am so blessed with all of you.  I sincerely feel I will be a survivor too like Grandma.